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The Institute offers a volunteer and internship programs for those participants who complete the Spanish course at ICLC for at least 4 weeks and want to execute a service learning in different areas around the country such as National Parks or Social Institutions or other Institutions.

ICLC offers a Volunteer Program for adult participants (more than 18 year old) who are interested in experiencing different social areas or in visiting beautiful places around the country when working in the National Parks.


  • US$120 placement fee.

  • Fill out the Volunteer’s registration form.

  • The volunteer must register for a minimum of 4 weeks in ICLC Language Program.

  • Complete a minimum of 4 weeks of volunteer work.

  • The volunteer has to cover cost for a home stay: US$840 for each 4 weeks (28 nights). For extensions made once the Program begins, the cost for each extra night with the host family will be US$30.

  • International health insurance is compulsory.

  • Since Costa Rica is a Spanish speaking country, to be able to participate in a volunteer position, the applicant must have at least the Intermediate Medium Spanish level at the end of ICLC Spanish Language Program.

  • A resume including picture and two recommendation letters.

  • A resent official document, extended for the authorities in the area where the applicant lives, indicating that it is not involved in any type of legal problems.

  • A personal letter describing yourself and explaining why you wish to participate in ICLC Volunteer Program. Make sure to include your expectations.

Cost for room and board at the National Parks:

  • The cost for room and board for 4 weeks (28 nights) at the National Parks is: US$896.

  • When participating in this program, the volunteer must cover public or private transportation expenses to get to the region in Costa Rica where the National Park chosen is located. The cost for hotel or hostel nights paid when changing from one park to the other is also the participant’s responsibility.

Important notes:

In all positions, the volunteer have the commitment to help in all areas that the position requires, such us organizing activities, helping individuals according to their needs, maintenance, cleaning and so on. The Director of each Institution will supervise the volunteer work and will assign the functions.

All volunteers enrolled in a social area program, will have to continue with the journal in Spanish because is a continuing education of the language studies.

  • Journal entries must be written in clear and legible handwriting, and even better if they are typed. If handwriting please always omit writing in one line every other one.

  • They should be clearly identified with your name and with the date for each entry.

  • They must be turned in to the coordinator of the volunteer program, every week.

  • The journal (report) should be an account of observations and reflections during the week. You are asked to record your thoughts rather than listing the day’s activities.

  • Students are expected to question, analyze, and integrate observed behaviours in their reflective journal.

  • Inevitable comparisons between your country and Costa Rica can be recorded there.

  • Suggestions for a specific observed problem should be included only in the final reflective paper.

  • Further information on the volunteer program please contact us using this form.

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