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Participant's comments

«Pura vida is the perfect word to describe my experience in Costa Rica at the Instituto de Cultura y Lengua Costarricense.

This is the second year I have participated in the Maestro Program. For me, it has been a life-changing experience.

The directors and staff at the Institute have made it possible for me to meet teachers and principals and to visit the public schools in Costa Rica. It has been fascinating to discuss the successes and challenges they have experienced in the educational system.

I would highly recommend this program as the institute will do everything to ensure that your experience here as both a teacher and student is exceptional»

Ch. Armstrong, 2008.


«This was a wonderful experience. I felt like the program accomplished just what it promised. There was not a tie I felt that I was not learning. The teachers were dynamic, passionate, knowledgeable and patient. We were able to visit a school, discuss educational policy and share ideas with some administration. I feel like I have strengthened my language ability and really have become acquainted with the Costa Rican Culture. I intend to return as soon as possible.»

L. Dortch, 2008


«I have recently finished my third trip to ICLC’s MAESTRO PROGRAM to continue to learn Spanish and it was great, as always. Even though I am conversationally fluent, I keep coming back because it is consistently a new and enriching cultural experience. My Costa Rican host family, with whom I have stayed every time, is amazing and we even stay in contact throughout the year via email.

You can definitely feel the care and compassion with which ICLC has developed their program. It is clear that your personal, academic, and cultural enrichment is their top priority. I would recommend this program to any, and all educators, whether you have never taken Spanish before or are a native speaker. They will make sure you get the most out of your experience, no matter what level you have. The ICLC family has now become a part of my family and will continue to be so for years to come. ¡Pura Vida!»

B. Pabian – 2009
Annapolis HS; Annapolis,


“Prior to my studies at the ICLC, I struggled with teaching language through culture and staying in the target language. My classes in the ICLC as well as observations of the techniques used in other classes there have helped me to maximize the amount of Spanish used in my own classroom. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and are willing to go the extra mile to meet the individual needs of each participant”.

Lisa Lilley - 2009
Central States Conference 2009 Teacher of the Year
Finalist for the ACTFL Teacher of the Year


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