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Spanish Teacher and trip Coordinator's comments

Teen students @ ICLC program


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Duration: 2,3 or 4 weeks

ICLC offers a supervised teen program for participants between 14 and 17 years old that wish to meet other students at their similar age and participate in optional afternoon activities specifically planned for young participants. Some examples are: dancing, cooking, soccer games, volleyball, ping-pong, movies, visits to the swimming pool, to museums, to the butterfly garden, to the bird’s zoo, etc.

As follows you will find the name of some of the schools that have participated on ICLC teenage program in the past:

  • Colorado Rocky Mountain School
  • Glendale High School, Missouri
  • John Paul II High School, Texas
  • Plano High School, Texas
  • Plano East High School, Texas
  • Minehaha Academy, Minnesota
  • The Arkansas School for Mathematics, Science and the Arts, A Campus of the University of Arkansas System
  • Wilson High School


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Spanish Teacher and trip Coordinator's comments:

“For the past 10 years, I have accompanied high school students from the USA to increase their Spanish language proficiency in Costa Rica. During the 3 of 4 trips, students attended ICLC I can easily attest to the fact that it definitely is the best language institute in Costa Rica. Recently ICLC Academic Department trained their instructors to better prepare USA students who attended this institute have passed the AP Spanish Language Exams for College credit, but even more impressive is that the USA students have blended with the Costa Rican culture and if they so choose will cultivate friendships which may last a lifetime!
I highly recommend students to attend ICLC if you want to speak Spanish well and collect lasting friendships”.

T. Walls, John Paul II High School.

“As a Spanish teacher, I feel that when I take my students on a travel / culture experience I owe it to them (the students) to give them the most beneficial experience I possibly can. That is why I return year after year to ICLC. I have taken students for twenty years to Mexico and to Spain but I have never found such a comprehensive student centered study abroad program as ICLC offers. Not only is the teaching program excellent as it strives to encompass the ACTFL guidelines of oral proficiency, but the coordination and communication with each host family gives each student an opportunity to bond with the local Costa Rican community. My students have ALL fallen in love with their host families, who work so diligently to make them feel at home.

The ICLC staff and faculty coordinate all their efforts so seamlessly that the chaperon teacher and the students are guided through this educational and cultural opportunity with such ease that everyone feels secure, challenged, enriched and well taken care of. Over the years, I have developed an entire new set of friends in this place and look forward each year to return with my students; I feel as though I am going home. Each year my students confide in me how beneficial this experience has been for them linguistically, socially, culturally or politically and how it has opened their eyes to a whole new world and a new way of thinking. They too express the desire to return if possible for yet another experience, and many of them have. I strongly encourage you to consider this program for your students. It is worth it!”.

Dan McElderry, Spanish Teacher, Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts - a secondary program associated with the University of Arkansas, Hot Springs, Arkansas.


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